Thursday, 31 March 2011


I've come in massive long bit fat huge gigantic circle.
What I've found out:
Obsession can either be
1) pathological, and a constraint
2) creative and generative - a liberation
Finally I have realised that I actually NEED to remove myself from the obsessive pit I've got myself into and I now know what I'm doing.
I will be turning the above images into drawings (I can't completely get rid of the obsessive drawing thing!) that will essentially form the resolution to my SIP. They are intended as a series of 'ironically motivational' images, reminding creatives obsessed with perfection that what they are striving for is actually unachievable and they need to take a step back from this, stop thinking about how best to reach the perfect solution, and just DO.
So What? - so people like me (and I know I'm not the only one like this) need some kind of reminder when they get stuck with a really important project that whatever they do is never going to be perfect anyway, so RELAX AND TAKE A STEP BACK.

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