Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Throughout the course of this term I have found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the work set and my abilities to respond enthusiastically to briefs. I have found myself being torn between the desire to do well in projects and the pursuit of my own visual interests, which has resulted in a lack of progression in either area and this is something I really need to address. Whilst fine art may be something that one can allow themselves to become personally wrapped up in, I think I am learning that the same cannot be true of ‘graphic design’ as the route of it tends to lie in problem solving. This term (especially evident with my SIP and Zero) I have tried to address my own personal problems that I have with certain areas of the course/methods of learning within my projects and this is something that I have need to move away from as the subject area becomes too vague, I am up against problems that I can never solve and the outcome tends to be too inward looking and never satisfactory as an answer. I don’t want to end up creating work that completely removes itself from the personal levels that I often take my work to, as I feel this is integral to much of the successful work that I do manage to produce, but I do need to take more objective starting points.
Over the next term I want to focus on my typographic abilities as I really enjoyed the Type03 project and appreciate the challenge of actually learning a skill, rather than blundering my way through a concept project. I also want to give more thought to how I can incorporate my illustrative interests into my work, and strike a balance between the kind of work that gives me personal satisfaction, and the things that are required of being a graphic designer. Whilst I am on a degree course to try and do well in it, I do need to take time to nurture my own creative development; it is this and this alone that is of the most importance to me at the moment as it is my personal love of design that spurs me on to create work to the highest ability that I can. If I am caught up in the stress of trying to bend to what is required of set projects I am not sure that I can make work as interesting and enjoyable as I know I am capable of. I don’t yet know how or if this is possible, but I intend to try my damned hardest to make it work for me, as without the satisfaction that I have always taken from my creative practise I might just give up and become a receptionist.

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